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Boissonneau, G., Tommasi, A., Barou, F., Lopez-Sanchez M.A., Montagnat, M. Dynamic recrystallization and mechanical behavior of Mg alloy AZ31: Constraints from tensile tests with in-situ EBSD analysis. Acta materialia, submitted. Preprint at HAL

Chardelin, M., Tommasi, A., Padron-Navarta, J.A. Progressive strain localization and fluid-focusing in mantle shear zones during rifting: Petrostructural constraints from the Zabargad peridotites, Red Sea. J. Petrology, submitted. Preprint at HAL

Chauve, T., Montagnat, M., Dansereau, V. Saramito, P., Fourteau, K., Tommasi, A. (2024) A physically-based formulation for texture evolution during dynamic recrystallization. A case study for ice. Comptes rendus Mécanique, in press. Preprint at HAL


Lopez-Sanchez M.A., Chauve, T., Montagnat, M., Tommasi, A. (2023) Decoupling between strain localisation and the microstructural record revealed by in-situ strain measurements in polycrystalline ice. Earth Planetary Science Letters, 611: 118149. Reprint at Eartharxiv

More in video : Evolution of strain field and microstructure in polycrystalline ice using in situ experiments

Lopez-Sanchez M.A., Tommasi, A., Ben Ismail, W., Barou. F. (2021) Dynamic recrystallization by subgrain rotation in olivine revealed by high-spatial resolution electron backscatter diffraction. Tectonophysics, doi: 10.1016/j.tecto.2021.228916; open access (author reprint) @ HAL

More in video : Dynamic recrystallization by subgrain rotation in olivine revealed by EBSD

Ben Ismail, W., Tommasi, A., Lopez-Sanchez M.A., Rutter, E.W., Barou. F. (2021) Deformation of upper mantle rocks with contrasting initial fabrics in axial extension. Tectonophysics, doi:10.1016/j.tecto.2021.228997;  open access (author reprint) @ ArXiv

Manceaux, Renan (2022) The aim of this study was to use data from columnar ice creep test in order to train a machine learning algorithm to predict nucleation site. Various type of ML algorithms were tested but none has shown to to provide reliable predictions with the available data.
UGA and IGE internship, M1 Statistics and Data Sciences.

Neves, S.P., Tommasi, A., Vauchez, A., Carrino, T.A. (2021) The Borborema strike-slip shear zone system (NE Brazil): Large-scale intracontinental strain localization in a heterogeneous plate. Lithosphere, 2021(6): 6407232.


Related publications by the RhEoVOLUTION team

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