4. The work plan

We will bridge scales and solve for the effect of heterogeneity and anisotropy of the mechanical behavior of rocks on the onset of strain localization at regional and global scales in Earth through a 4-fold work plan.

For a brief introduction see the talk given at the CIG workshop on Strain Localization in July 27th, 2020.


We will design stochastic parameterizations of the mechanical heterogeneity based on our knowledge of the physico-chemical processes controlling deformation at the crystal and rock scale, which we will incorporate in geodynamical models.


We will constrain the stochastic parameterizations using experiments with in-situ follow up of the evolution of the microstructure and strain field and mesoscale models.


We will enhance by orders of magnitude the speed of calculation of the evolution of mechanical anisotropy during deformation using supervised machine-learning.


We will quantify the relative contributions and feedbacks between the main physico-chemical processes producing strain localization by comparing the predictions of stochastic models parameterized to simulate these processes to observations in natural shear zones.