Research engineer – numerical modeling (open)

08 February 2024 par Anne Delplanque
The junior research engineer will work within the framework of the ERC RhEoVOLUTION project on (1) the development of new numerical approaches in mechanical modeling, (2) the realization of parametric studies, and (3) formatting and analyzing the results of these studies.

One-year position, which may be renewed twice, starting preferably in March 2024

We are recruiting a numerical research engineer to work with the ERC RhEoVOLUTION project team in developing new numerical modeling strategies, in particular stochastic approaches, to simulate self-consistently ductile strain localization at different scales in the deformation of the solid Earth. Among the challenges posed, that of interactions between scales is central. More than 9 orders of magnitude separate the scale of crystals, where the elementary processes of rock deformation, like dislocation and diffusion creep take place, from that of plate tectonics and strain localization takes place, producing self-similar structures, at all these scales. It is a one-year position, but which may be renewed twice.

She.he will:
– define and develop the most suitable numerical approaches to fulfil the research needs of the ERC RhEoVOLUTION project (work in collaboration with the whole team)
– code these approaches, integrating them into existing programs or creating new ones
– install and optimize these codes on intensive computing resources
– carry out parametric studies
– develop tools to exploit the data produced by numerical simulations but also the results produced by the experimental and observation of natural systems components of the ERC RhEoVOLUTION project
– perform data processing
– manage the life cycle of the data produced by the ERC RhEoVOLUTION project
– ensure the documentation, maintenance and publication of the methods and tools developed

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